Categories of Water Damage

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Water damage restoration services have become a very busy industry as of late. Even though it can still be considered as a young industry, it has steadily grown and companies under it have now just realized the tough competition that they are in. Most people regard water damage as all the same regardless of severity and causes. However, there are actually several water damage categories that water damage professionals assess before rendering their services on customers. Here are categories of water damage and how they are defined.

Water Damage Category 1

This refers to clean water that will not pose any health threat to humans. Basic causes in this category are damaged appliances, broken sink, broken water hydrants etc.

Water Damage Category 2

This is the gray water category and the water is already contaminated and could cause health problems once it is ingested. Toilet and water pipe related problems are common causes in this category.

Water Damage Category 3

This is a severe version of the 2nd category and is known as the black water since the water in here can already be considered as dirty and the presence of bacteria and microorganisms can cause severe health problems. Toilet, drainage and sewage problems are the common causes in this category.

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Aside from the categories, water damage can also be divided into 3 classes which are the following:

Class 1: The easiest water damage problem to resolve which means there would be no need of experts to solve them. The materials or area only absorbed very little amount of water.

Class 2: Damage at this level can be resolved by evaporation such as wet carpets, upholstery, cushion etc.

Class 3: This class is actually much easier to resolve compared to Class 2 due to a faster evaporation rate. Water damage coming from overhead sources such as sprinklers or showers that may have caused wet furniture, walls and other items falls under this class.

Class 4: Requires expertise and skill in order to do water damage restoration because the damage may have affected concrete walls, hardwood floors, tiles etc. and the water could have seeped right through that you may need special tools in order to completely dry them out.

The following water damage categories and classes are important for water damage professionals. This is the only way that they could assess the problem and create a proper approach on how to resolve the problem and restore what have been damaged.

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